Kendi meaning: Most Loved, Most Cherished

It is my goal to make Kendi Scents Candle Co your most loved, most cherished go to for all of your aroma therapy needs.
Kendi Scents was created to bring you the most amazing scents that are reasonably priced while making it the most convenient to use. 

SQUEEZABLE WAX MELT does just that. We've found a way to bring you longer, stronger aroma with just a squeeze into your wax warmer.  Our Squeezable melts put you in control of how much or how little to use, no more breaking oversized melts, no more overflowing your wax warmer and no more scraping wax from your wax warmer, let it cool and wipe it clean with just a paper towel to enjoy again. Our unique wax blend is created to provide you a strong scent quickly once added to your wax warmer, we use the best quality of soy wax blend and a great variety of stunning fragrance oils to ensure we provide a quality product we hope you will love. 
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